Mine Conveyor Controller. Model 1.2b.For use in conjunction with Artemis, Richter and Hochteif mechanisms.

Key Features:
Variable Speed from stationary to 22 m/s, with incremental stepping
Phase and 3ph power factor correction for diesel or remote grid supply
Load sensing function to keep conveyor running at optimal feed rate into stack
Bearing failure notification, with rapid position identification
Soft start / stop control for belt slack compensation
Stiction current surge control, with pulsed spin-up
Optional 802.11b/g module for daisy chain control and remote monitoring
Automatic shut down on failure with daisy chain monitoring.
Drive by wire controller. Model DBW1.10. For use with Bosch, VDO and ATE throttle bodies

Key Features:
Automatic calibration of TPS and pedal sensors
Wear compensation algorithm for wiped potentiometer pick ups
Full lock out on failure
Diagnostic power up and self test sequence, with built in OBD2
Fully logged built in event sequencer
Race even on failure mode
Wide power supply tollerance from 8 to 30V operation
3.3 and 5V digital interface
Fluid energy monitor and metering system, with waste heat totaliser. Model GW3.1a.

Key Features:
Automatic viscosity compensation
Programmable and non linear temperature scale corrections (built-in tables)
Reverse direction detection and logging
Vortex linearity better than 99.8%
Flow differential better than 12mB at 1 m /s
Bubble and aerated fluid detector (ultrasonic)
Max flow 1.2 m3 /s
Temperature range 0.5C - 130C
Pressure limit 150Bar (2200 PSI)
Optional remote 802.11 b/g data interface.
Immersion Heater Controller for grid connected variable inverter output supply. Model AF2.1a

Key Features:
Automatic inverter current generation tracking
Manual threshold conversion limit
Full residential and non hazardous environment electrical compliance
Small and Compact enclosure
Timed manual-override and suspend-operation functions
Seamless installation with traditional 3kW immersion heaters
Compliant with MCS and RHI standards
Works with Solar, Tidal, Wind and CHP inverter systems
Agricultural GPS based hopper dispenser with full DBW, PTO and 3 point linkage controller.
Model LL1.1b

Key Features:
Automatic topography and coordinate logging
Programmable soil variation discrepancy compensator
Accumulated annual dosage totaliser
Works with both GPS and differential transponders (option)
Low RPMs and programmable work limit
Digital implement width adjustment
Small and compact enclosure
Sealed to IP44 / automotive.
Can be connected to metal detector and aquafer transponder
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